I will be married for 15 years on 4/10 and my husband had an affair in Nov. 2007 we also have 2 kids. We are in counseling and are trying to work things out, but I just don’t feel it with him anymore and I don’t think he feels it for me. We want to be in love with each other are trying but it just feels like it’s not happening. We grew apart over the last year and this is why the attention from another female was so inviting for him. I had issues with him still talking to this person until I made him move out in Feb. then he realized he wanted me and his marriage. He says he hasn’t talked to her or seen her but I find it hard to believe him as he told me this before and he was talking to her. They were getting close and she contacted him alot so I find it hard that she too has stopped since they never told each other that it was over. We get along great and don’t fight so that is what makes it hard to decide if I should move on, but it’s lonely living with him. Any advice.

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