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First a little background information:

I’ve known her for about 7 years, together 2.5, we were each others first everything and shared many many great times together that we both won’t ever forget. I built my life around her, even transferred colleges just to be with her because we both felt that we would be with each other for ever. At the end of her freshman year we broke up because we were both at a difficult time in our lives and we needed space and breathing room…Although we were broken up, we still maintained contact…there was rocky periods but for the most part we had fun together, hooked up, the whole nine yards.

Where I am now:

College started again and I began to cling a little…I was annoyed at the fact that other guys she had met suddenly took priority over me. For example: When I would take her out to dinner, she would read and respond to their txt’s right in front of me! Although we were together exclusively…The jealousy really got the best of me and about a week ago she started to get sick of my constant plee’s for her attention. She told me that she just wanted to be friends with the option to get back together in the future…She also told me that she’s ’set on marrying me in the future’…but she seems to change her mind about things often so I don’t know if that still holds true. Anyway, I broke down and for the first time experienced heart break/ache…and I’m still going through it. My mind is consumed with her every second of the day, but I have held strong and not made any efforts to contact her.

However, 2 days of silence past and she txt’d me telling me that she was wearing my sweatshirt…I replied an hour later with something very short and ended it…Since then she txt’s me at least once a day and tries to make small talk conversation, or asks me questions that she obviously already knows the answer too…I keep things brief and distant…Careful to not let her see how much of a total wreck I really am. All’s I want is for her to tell me she misses me…or that she loves me..but as much as she continues this small talk she doesn’t tell me how she really feels.

I’m not ready ready to be friends at this point…Although I really want to…I just don’t think I’m emotionally ready for handle such a drastic change…

What should I do? How can I get her back? I have plenty of friends…but I’m the only guy out of my group who seems to be the ‘nesting’ type…I just can will my self to be a player.

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