Ok Ok Ok, I know that revenge is wrong and the best revenge is to move on, be successful and live my life,

Buuuuut I really want revenge;

I already broke up with him (less then a week ago)

I have his Home phone number,e-mail, home address etc,

I have his beach towel his hoodie and a t-shirt of his,

I was thinking something along the lines of making him a profile on a gay singles website, having a friend call him and tell him one of his past partners is HIV positive and he should get checked out, something along the lines of the hilary duff "So Yesterday" video with his clothes…Something like that nothing huge just something that will make me a little bit happy inside!

I really want to know any ideas you guys have! (Please don’t tell me I’m being immature, I know that already but the bastard cheated on me I think I deserve some immaturity)

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