Why is virginity a competition to some people?

Especially girls. I knew this girl she has done almost everything sexual you can imagine in the book except having sex. I do not why some people think they are better than people because they are saving sex for marriage. Of course she’d say, "i respect my body. I am saving myself till marriage." Is saying sex for marriage suppose to be literally mean sex for marriage?
My point is I do not get how some people do like literally everything there is sexually and turn around and say they respect their body because basically they are saving their hymen for marriage.

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20 Responses to “Why is virginity a competition to some people?”

  • MJ says:

    In a way it’s a good idea. You eliminate the risk of STDs and pregnancy. Another reason may be her family grew up with that belief (usually involving true love), which influenced her in adopting it.

    Do i think a virgin is better than a person who is sexually active? no, im sure everyone has their reasons for making their decisions. Id practice safe sex though.

  • Yona says:

    hm i never heard such a thing. In today’s world this are the way around.

  • Valerie says:

    maybe its just some peoples priority.
    some girls just want to whore around but never do the real thing.
    everything in this world is competition.
    it just depends on who you are.

  • doggy says:

    cuz if u marry somebody, supposively, u truely love them. and there is less risk for stds too.

  • jajajajamie says:

    I personally believe that you can mess around all you want, and it’s WAY different than having sex. Having sex is an emotional thing, and I think saving it for marriage is a good way to go for certain people.

    However, it is a choice, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with losing it before. I’ll never regret losing mine the way I did, and I was sixteen years old.

  • camismynamesilly says:

    i think this is bcuz in this generation all everyone seems to have sex earlier and people who dont tend tothink they are wrong and that they should have sex. some people do save themselves for marriage others til other times like i made a promise to wait til i graduate high school =D

  • hoggod says:

    saving oneself for marriage isnt meant as an allusion to some greater meaning, it means not having sexual intercourse with anyone ever before your wedding. and to me personally its not a competition but a sign of love for that future spouse, that you can tell to them they were who you could give this gift to, an act of love, not a competition for show.

  • ja says:

    You mean she saved her hymen? I bet her butt hole is loose as a goose

  • Ivana Tinkle. says:

    Me and my bf dont wanna wait till were married we’d rather get freaky now……………:)))))))))

  • can I help you? says:

    Yea it is supposed to mean that.
    But anyways, she ruined the point if she did everything else. I dont agree with the catholic religion 100% (tho yechnically I still am) but I interpret it as more of a "Don’t be a $luT" ya kno, save your BODY not just tat one part.

  • ♂♂Ich Heiße David♀♀ says:

    The only reason girls thinks it’s a good idea to save it for marriage is because that’s what our society says. If you’re a girl and you openly admit to having sex and liking it then you are automatically a slut in the eyes of most. I personally don’t think it’s wrong for a girl to get laid. If you wanna do it then do it. Just be safe.

    It’s not worth the wait in my book. Just my opinion.

  • Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo ~* says:

    i know just the sort of girl who are talking about. girls who do everything, and claim that they are "celibate". i don’t know … I guess they are doing it to maintain the image of purity and innocence. either that, or because the Jonas Brothers are into that…

  • Allan E says:

    lack of intelligence should be but will never happen

  • So Cold says:

    agree…i dont know what people dont get…if youre sexually active….thats sex…therefore…youre not a virgin…


  • Tomato Bottom luvs Troy Palomalu says:

    I would NEVER save myself for marriage…what if he wasn’t a good lover? Then you would have to be with him and only him for the rest of your days, and he can’t even help you get your cookies.

    Of course, that is just my opinion. I do have some (well one) friend that actually waited until marriage to have sex. They are divorced now though.

  • chani says:

    Virginity is a scheme to keep women subordinate..Think about it sweetie.

  • NatashaNatashaNatasha! says:

    Saving yourself for marriage doesn’t automatically equal respect for your body but if that is ones reason for saying they’re abstinent, I don’t get the issue. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any respect for your but that you shows yours differently and you don’t go around saying it’s your reason. If you don’t think intercourse before marriage is wrong, then don’t be insecure when someone who comes along who does think it’s wrong says so. It’s only a competition when you think you’re a winner or loser.
    Edit: Except having intercourse? I think that’s what most people mean when they say it though I think when sexual organs are included, it’s probably sex.
    Good Luck! :)

  • helmaron says:

    The girl you told us about may not be having intercourse but she is still having sex.

    There is more to sex than just a man sticking his bits into a woman’s bits.

    If she is participating in oral sex there is still a, probably slight chance, of her getting an infection and if she allows anal sex she should be using a condom.

    If it were me I’d either go the whole hog and have a relationship or practice celibacy. I have no time for hypocrisy or hypocrites. especially immature ones.

  • Basic Needs says:

    i heard on the radio that virgins are the biggest freaks because the do everything except have sex lol

    i agree with you. alot of women think they are better because the dont have vaginal sex but the suk penis, have anal sex, and some even make out with chicks

  • wispyspal says:

    Virginity is not a competition, and the idea of virginity is not just to preserve your hymen, it is to present a purity of body and mind to your marriage. That doesn’t allow for anal sex, because though it is not vaginal sex it is still not preserving purity. If you truly respect your body as it was created by the Heavenly Father, you do not allow your body’s purity to be sullied. For many it is a sacred matter between them and their God.

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Ecourse Contents:

1. Learn why you broke up.

2. Learn to control your emotions.

3. Avoid the top 6 things that will drive your ex away.

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