My wife left me on Friday, moving back home with her folks. (The same people who she claimed beat her and made her life a living hell!) However, when i asked her in front of her mother she denied it! WTF!?!?!?!? Was she lying? I really dont think so but, I just dont know why she would leave to go to THEM! Her father hates me anyways! She has said that he resents me for having the things that him and his wife didn’t have when they were Jenn’s and my age(26/28) I never felt like I was a member of her family in all of the 8.5 years that we were together and NOW I feel like SHE has sabotaged all of that! Her father is def. loving the fact that she left AND that she/he took both of OUR cars! I legally have rights to one of them but I am not going to shitty like them. It just goes to show how LOW/NO CLASS they are! I always knew that though! I am just so blown! I guess what I am asking for advice on is how long should I wait to go out and start having fun as far as hooking up with the ladies again? It has been almost 7 months since I have had sex(if you were interested) and I was stupidly faithful. I am in THE BEST shape of my life and I am only 28. Green eyes, brown hair, olive complex, 6’1, 180 Italian/Peruvian I think that I am a catch for any honey. They only problem is that I am married! I am catholic and it DOES mean something to me.

She left me after counseling didn’t work! The therapist dumped us because she wouldn’t get her own therapy; i have been seeking my own! (her excuse, she didn’t have per visit to save our marriage) it wasn’t/I am not important enough(my words,not hers) so after that i said there is no point in sharing a bed. she moved to the spare room and then moved out because she claims I told her to. That is her rational behind leaving and taking both cars. She thinks that we are just separated and that we are going to "work" things out! Well its been 5 days and she has made NO attempt to contact me in regards to counseling, talking, anything other than ebay took fees out of her bank account and that I intentionally STOLE the money! Not the case! I am so lonely and she knows how bad its been for me. Were I was emotionally I am not going to kill myself BUT i WAS in DARK DARK place and SHE DI DNT CARE!
that just tells me she never loved me at all! marriage is about honor and commitment and unity!

I want to be happy and I dont want to be alone! I am SO ALONE! I JUST WANT TO BE HELD! i know that it sounds gay(im not) but I havent had any affection for months! my favorite thing before sex use to be kissing and the last kiss that I got other than a dead fish grandma kiss was i would say at least before new years. I know that I did kiss her maybe a month or so ago in the car or somewhere but she didnt like it and she didnt respond well. we were arguing and i figured that we had to connect SOMEWAY! I am not going to pay for sex but I AM TIRED OF J@$#ing off . There is NO REASON( I feel that either she is lesbian now or she HAS to be cheating) i dont know its too late now i guess….

How long should I wait! I want love or atleast a warm touch of a woman’s hand. I miss the scent of her hair, the touch of her skin. I just miss WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HOW LONG? I am serious!!!! I am not going to base my life decision on strangers advice, I am just looking for feedback. To base my decision off of. THANKS

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