I have been divorced for the past 5 years and have two children with my ex that are now 9 and 6. The girls have a half brother with their father who is almost 2. They like seeing their brother, but hate going to their dad’s house. Their father was sent to prison after our divorce due to drugs. As far as I know, he is clean now, but not sure. He has not paid child support for over 90% of the time that we have been divorced and all the court keeps telling him is to get a job. There is never anything else the court does. I can’t get his taxes because he isn’t working. I have a great boyfriend who loves the girls very much, but we are not married. Therefore he can not adopt the children. We are going to be moving in with my boyfriend within the next 2-3 months in a town about 40-50 minutes from their father. What can I do to make life easier and happier for all of us involved in this situation? My oldest daughter has asked since the divorce (she was 4) to change her last name.
I do have full custody of both of my girls with the right to claim both of them on my tax return.
I was also informed that in order for my daughter to change her last name, he has to consent. I have spoke to many attorney, plus I work for a few. I know it is a very touchy subject – parental rights and name changing

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