-bad @ directions. i’m a guy
-Forgot her favorite color, but got it the 2nd try
-Left ID @ club, and didn’t want to pay for a new ID so I just waited and then it ruined our plans because I couldn’t get into a club
-Didn’t have passport in car, when she supposedly told me to put it there
-Didn’t lock car doors. She hated that
-Texted her instead of calling like I said I would. Happened once
-Repeated myself, once
-Hung out with Ex-girlfriend. I had to give her back something and she asked me out to dinner and I agreed
-Tried to make her feel good with a compliment. She said I was being over-confident
-Being reactive, instead of proactive. I just live in the moment.
-I failed to know how she was feeling at ALL times. Honestly, that’s impossible to do
-MOST IMPORTANTLY: Pushed for us to be together when she told me she was unsure and didn’t think she was ready. In the end she finally told me she still had feelings for her ex and wasn’t over him
The thing is everyone tells me that she was picky and just not satisfied, but honestly the only real mistake was me hanging out with my ex, which I said I would never do again. I just want her to realize that she wasn’t happy because she was always pesimistic and that we could have been happy if she would have just loosened up. Girls say they hate argueing, but why do they get mad over little stuff like giving a overly confident compliment? I dunno… maybe I should just let go, but Love is blind and I guess I’ve learned to look past all the shit she put me through and still love her for the person she is. Why can’t she do the same? How do I prove to her that she made a mistake and attract her once again?
We had great times. She said she loved me, we talked about how are kids would be like, we were great when she wasn’t in a bad mood. She just felt like I never listened to her. How do I prove to her that I did? I’ve done many things to prove to her that I do, but maybe she doesn’t listen to me. Do you think she will come back if I walk away and start dating other girls? How do I get her to choose me over her ex?

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