I am really wondering: Will my wife ever love me again? My wife got pregnant on our honeymoon and we found out about 4-5 weeks later and about a week later she went off of her Paxil medication for anxiety I was taking it as well and went off of it too.

Quickly our marriage went down the drain she stopped working and started sleeping like 18 hours a day and she became very critical of me and stopped letting me kiss her and she got very irriatated with me easily, saying my breath was bad and she would get upset because I was breathing too loud in bed, about 2 months into the marriage she stopped telling me she loved me and started sleeping in another bed and would no longer hang out or cuddle and she started asking me to leave and give her a break ect.

I am pretty sure she loved me at one point because after she broke up with me while dating she called me a month later and wanted me back and we got married shortly after. I took my wife to marriage counseling which actually helped alot but eventually she gave up and feels like she’ll never be able to love me. 3 weeks ago she had me move out and she plans to sign papers a month after the baby is born. I’ve done everything I can to keep her, I took her to the psychiatrist and got her on zoloft and it started helping and she started treating me much better but only once in the last month or so she told me that she felt like telling me she loved me but wouldn’t do it because she was worried she might get my hopes up.

She let me cuddle with her all night and actually sleep in the same bed 3 times in the last month but now it’s like she’s made her decision to divorce soon.

I still pay her rent and get her groceries and I try to support her and give her space but everytime I go back to her I end up in tears when I leave I’ve never loved someone so much and to have it go like this is almost too much for me.

Is there any hope that after the baby is born I won’t irritate her so much and she will be able to have feelings for me again?

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