I am 18 and so is my girlfriend. I’ll be a freshman this year at a college in town and she is a senior in high school. We have been dating for almost 3 years and towards the end of the summer our intense fights were starting to get the best of us so she decides maybe we should take a break. I didn’t see the good in this choice but there wasn’t anything I could really do about it. The reason for her needing space is because our relationship has been stressful lately and she is always working or doing things with school and just didn’t need our stress. I know people think there is another guy or something but I can assure you there isn’t. She says she loves me very much and knows we will get back together and it will be ok. We have been apart for a little over a month now and within the past couple weeks we have started talking a lot again. We have even hung out a couple times just as friends, and its been great because I feel like we have been getting to know each other all over again. Well, a couple days ago we hung out and I was about ready to leave and she hugs me and then she kisses me. Of course I don’t really stop it because its not what I truly want. I end up staying for another hour in her room. We kiss heavily and all those kinds of things, and she starts crying and tells me how much she misses me and needs me and loves me. It felt as though we were dating and everything was just perfect. But she still says..we cant get back together yet, I love you so much but we cant..Im sorry for making things even harder. You know I understand her reasons for being alone and I can accept that, but how things have gone lately I feel as though she is just being selfish now. Its not fair to me to be on a roller coaster with my feelings and just having to wait around. Im not really implying the she is out having the time of her life and im crying at home, its not like that at all. I just dint get how we love each other but cant date yet? I truly believe her and everything, but I have been in this situation before and I fear the same thing will happen to me again. Based off what I have said what do you feel is going on?

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