I miss him so much, he treated me terribly and when we broke up his best friend broke up with his girlfriend too and we both slept together twice, the first time wasn’t planned although I think the idea was in his head because he kept taking me out.

I ended up getting back with my ex a few weeks after and he found out about his best friend and I around 2 months after (i told him).

Its completely over I don’t speak to him or ANY of his friends but i hate being single, I feel like I need to be in a relationship and i would never get back with him its out of the question anyway but I always think of him , i’ve just seen a picture of him online basically a very sexual picture with a new girl its disgusting and makes me devalue him even more because he’d cheated on me so much and had body pictures of girls and dirty texts on his phone , but its upset me so much i can’t stop crying . What the hell is wrong with me ?

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