I was married to the love of my life for 19 years and then suddenly alone, she left me a shattered man. That was 8 years ago, had a girlfriend for 3 years, she verbally abused me then sent me packing once she found a replacement. When the money dries up so does the relationship. people say time, the right one is out there etc etc. Find it hard to believe but the only woman I can trust is my daughter and my mother. I don’t know if I could ever ever handle another broken heart as I only have one and it never never healed. I miss my ex wife even after 8 years has gone. I am bitter, hurt and my attitude really sucks. I am soo sad, soo lonely and dread the idea of christmas coming and new years again on my own. To stay on my own, whilst lonely, at least stops me from falling in love again and setting myself up for a big thud of a fall again. I am now 48 yo and maybe this is just the way it is suppose to be until my final days.

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