my hubby of 18 years has been having an affair with another man, I found out about it and he says it’s over now but he says he does nto love me anymore and does not know if he wants to stay with me. He won’t go for help or will talk to me about it but is talking to a pal who has just split from her partner of 4 years. I can forgive him and still love him but how can I work this through without smothering him? I think he is suffering from depression and he tried to commit suicide last week although I think this was a cry for help but he won’t let me help him and won’t talk about it, how can I save our marriage and our love if he keeps pushing me away? He says he’s felt empty and dead inside for a long time now but never told me, would he have told me if I hadn’t found out? Should I have stayed quiet to see if it died out on its own? I’m heart-broken and feeling sick to the pit of my stomach with worry, can’t talk to anyone else as it would hurt them to see this pain we’re going throug

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