We were together for over a year now. Since the last 3 months she has been coming up with problems everyday. One day she says her family is very rich and things wont work between us, i console her and she is ok. Next day she says her mom and bro are against this relatyionship and dont like me (P.S – they havent even seen and met me although i wanted to meet but she told me not to), then one day she says what if teh society objects to our relationship, i console her again. Next day she says her mom n bro like me but somehow her mom says our marraige wont work in future and again i have to console her. Every morning she breaks up with me and i console her and she comes back to me and within a few hours she breaks up with a new problem . This has been happening for 3 weeks everyday now. Finally she broke off yesterday saying she will never come back.I love her truly and ready to accept her but now I am confused guys if she really loved me or what….

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