How do i know if my ex boyfriend wants to get back with me cause of our baby?
I know him for more than 4 years now. After 2 years of knowing each other, we started going out. We broke up in Feb of 2007 cause his ex girlfriend call him, wanting to get back to him (she left him for another guy when they were going out. They got married and had kids). I guess she found out he was dating and wanted to come back. He told me that he still had some feels for her. I told ok i would wait for him. I got tried of waiting and call him, told him to be happy with her and to be carefully cause if she cheat on him once it would happen again. And said Goodbye. I felt like i was going crazy. After a couple of days, he started to call me to see how i was doing and etc.., we started going out like friend. Months later i ask he how he felt about me, but he would never answer me. So i decided to leave to mexico for a couple of weeks. i gave him the number where i was going to be at. I got a cell phone and sent him a text message. "To make thing short" He ask me to marry him in Dec, of 2007. I came back in Jan. to texas and started to talk about getting married by law and church. 4 weeks later i found out i was pregnant. When i told him he was so happy. Hes voice change(he was talk to me sweeter than before) He would talk to the baby. We also talked with my parents about moving in together and getting marry later on. I had a miscarrage in Feb of 2008. We still moved in together and in oct of 2008 i found out i was pregnant again. He reaction was "go to the room, go to the room" I felt so bad and started to cry. Like an hour in half past when he went to the room and told me him was scared to get excited. We had plan to go to mexico in Dec to see his family but i started to get having problems with the pregnant so my mom decided to put in bed rest so i didnt go with him. When my grandfather died in Jan of 2009, that scared me so much that it made me in danger of having a another miscarrage. So more bedrest. When he got back for mexico in Feb, to me he was wierd and distance. The same day he got here, he left with him brother after taking a shower and didnt come home until 1 in the morning. He made me cry all day. In Apr. my doctor put me in the hospital. 3 weeks later, i had my baby. She was early. I was only 6 1/2 months. She weight 1 pound 14 oz and 13 1/3 inches. After a week in a half, My ex and me got into a big fight. So we broke up, he left the house. I got into a big depression that i lost a lot of weight and started having problems to produce milk for the baby. It all got to me, he felt, i had a c-section, the doctors tell me that the baby when not make it, and it was too much for me. Well after all that (my baby is very healthly, she going on 7 months and she weight close to 15 pounds). Hes told me that he is sorry so many times. He said that he was just in so much stress cause of every thing that was happening and he was trying to stop smoking too. He want to get back together. I love him and i know that he is sorry, but im having trouble with my parents. They dont want me to talk to him at all cause to them he took the short cut out. They tell me that he is trying to get back with me cause of the baby. He has been in touch with me. The first 2 months after the birth of my baby i didnt talk to him. He would call me almost every day to see how i was doing and wanted to know about the baby. He’s is renting a house close by my parents house. But i dont know what to do. How can i tell if he is get back with me cause of the baby. One more thing i was happy that whole year i lived with him. And i know he can makes us happy my heart is screaming it… What do you think? Do you have any advice for me? What can i do for my parents to understand me? That Im thinking about my baby and me? Thank you for help. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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