Three months ago, my wife and I got married. We were doing just fine. Until she started stripping. I wasn’t ok with it, but she started doing it with a friend. I was never ok with it, but I accepted it because I love my wife more than anything in this world. And it was her decision. But a little over two weeks ago, she had a break down after telling her dad what she was doing. She started blaming me for her stripping because of where I work. I dont make enough money where I work to comfortably support us. Which is why she started stripping. Before we got married, I had promised her I’d get a new job. But I kept putting it off. I had every intention of getting a new job, but I just put it off. And that happened a couple of times. This time, she left. She is staying at a friends house and has been ever since. Ive changed the way I do things. I use to be lazy, but Ive changed that. Im taking resposibility and doing things that I should have done a long time ago. I sold my truck, so 300$ a month goes back into our pockets. Ive been constantly been looking for a job. Got a couple different options coming up. one possibly with the school system. She wont come home because she is afraid I’ll quit searching for a job. And she doesnt trust me when I tell her that I promise to do everything I say im going to do. But after what Ive done, can you blame her? Saturday, she talked to me and said, she wanted an Anullment. But a couple hours later, she tells me that she is going to hold off on the anullement because she loves me. And I know she does. She said dont call or txt her. She’ll call me. She called me after 3 days. Today. She said she was calling to hear my voice and to see how the job search was going. ive been looking for a Fulltime job that pays more than minimum wage for over 2 weeks now. Its hard to find somthing like that. And believe me, ive been looking as hard as I can. I have a few connections and maybe able to get a job with the School System here as a Custodial/Maintanence engineer. I guess you could say, Janitor. Im in college but they are all online classes. Thank god. But i cant convince her to come home and let me show her how much ive changed. And im afraid that if I cant get this job fast, she’ll get tired and leave for good. I love my wife. I know ive made some mistakes in the past. But I am human. And i want to make up for all that. But How can I show her if she isnt home and I cant call her? Any suggestions?

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