After 7yrs my girl left me 4 mths ago she said it wasn’t going anywhere I was about to ask her to marry me and move in together and we were already saving for a house now she says she is seeing someone else. I have changed things that she said were things that caused her to leave. I miss her heaps and still want to be with her she said we can’t be friends anymore only "aquiantances". I am giving her space. but I cant stand not seeing her or hearing her voice or talking about how her days was. I want to get back together but she has said it is not possible ever this is the second time in 7yrs we have split the first one was caused by her family. this time she says she wants more and says that I could not give her more. but I have offered everything she asked for and more and she still wont change her decision so how do I get her back????

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