she fell in love with her exAbout 4 months ago I started dating my currently ex girlfriend and she had a rough break up with her boyfriend when they broke up. This was about a month before me and her got together. But through it all we managed to get through it and were steady for 4 months.

Everything was perfect and I couldn’t see anything going wrong. I worked for her dad and her mom loved me and I was such a help to their family and her little sister always wanted me to come over so she could play with me.

She even had a crush on me but she was 10 so it was cute. I’m 18 by the way. She got me to work out and change my life completely and then one day she had a huge life changing moment. She realized she couldn’t do something she has been doing since she was a baby.

So her mind was all messed up. She put up a wall to everyone including me, then all of a sudden she ran into her ex boyfriend and they had a conversation that lasted 3 hours. And i don’t like him one bit and she knew that. She continued to speak to him after saying she hated him.

When they broke up she hated his guts, he was a prick to her and I guess I was the shoulder to cry on at the time.

So, all of a sudden she meets up with him and she dumped me with full intentions of getting back together with him. Technically they aren’t together right now but she just doesn’t want to be mean and rub in my face so they aren’t technically dating but she already has…

Is she worth it? I love this girl so much and I put so much into this relationship…

Her parents still love me and her little sister asks where I am, and I need this girl.

Its all i think about. But she doesn’t realize she’s getting back into the same mess with him that she was in before me and even her parents recognize it but they really cant do anything about it…

What do I do? Please help me.

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