ok i dated her for about 7 months. i love her with all my heart. she means the world to me. shes my heart, my soul, my everything. and shes the reason why i wake up every morning just knowing everytime i just look at her i have a smile on my face. and she always knew how to make me laugh when i was mad or sad. would kiss me when i wasent in a good mood. when somebody was tryna fight me she would stop me. we went to church together song in the choir together. i went to her house alot, took her to the movies that she wanted to see mostly scary. and when she got scared i put my arms around her to make her feel protected. and when we went to the park i would let her lay on my chest and watch the stars and when she said she was cold i would put my arms around her. i miss her and i know we were meant to be. she stil loves me. and i cant even go to bed like i normally do without thinking about her and if we would ever be back together. her parents loved me and said i would make a good husband for her and had alot of respect for me. we had plans in the future together. and i would do anything to get my baby back. i broke up with her because i just entered college and i thought it would be hard. which it kinda is and i wanted to focus on my studys. but i want her back. if we both love each other still. how can i get her back?
so this is what i thought i would tell her is this a good idea? hey …. i know i made some mistakes and im sorry for all the mistakes i made . i love you with all my heart. and everyday i cant stop thinking about you. you were my first love and my everything. and i would like it if you would give me another chance. i promise i wont make any more mistakes. your the only girl that i ever felt this way about or even loved. and i cant just let you go like that. so just think about it. no pressure

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