My husband doesn’t work and I am working full-time. We don’t have enough money to go out and we are 8,000 dollars in debt. He hasn’t worked in 2 years and seems to not mind a bit. I told him it was okay, since he helps me at home with my 2nd job. If I ask him to work, he will tell me that he is going to wash dishes and doesn’t know how long he will last before he drops dead. He may or may not get a job and if so, may be very miserable. Is my marriage worth saving. I have a son who is 10 years old and I hate to hurt him. He is not his biologicle father and isn’t too attached, but has disabilities. I also take care of my mom. I need his help around the house and taking my son to school. Also, I am persuing a new career and studying at a university. Any ideas?

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