Well in my previous posts I explained that my wife and I just had a new baby. She asked if I still loved my ex after hearing a song “In love with another man.”

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I was honest and told her yes. For about a week she was not speaking to me the same way and you all made me realize how hurt she was.

I finally asked her today to forgive me.

She said even though it hurts she respected my honesty. I assured her she is number one in my life. She made me realize how that almost broke up our home. She told me that if it wasn’t for the trials that we have been through she would not have the courage to stay with me.

It has been fifteen years and she has given me her youth and her love unconditionally. She said we are all entitled to make a mistake but she knows she has to learn to forgive me and just needs time. How do mend her broken heart?

I love this woman and am IN LOVE with her. My ex does not have anywhere close a chance ever in life. I would hate to lose my wife’s love and trust. She has always been there for me and now she is distant.

It does not feel good. I am so sorry and now I am hurting because I miss how she was. But we are speaking again almost like normal.

What can I do?

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