We have been married almost 17 yrs, we have three children together. He hates the way I have handled the finances , ( He will not even attempt to pay the bills) and says he just dosen’t know if he loves me anymore. He said he dosen’t want to make love to me now because he says, "Your too fat", I have gained weight. I am diabetic and my medications have caused me to gain a lot of weight. I do work out three times a week. He gets mad if i mention finishing my degree and refuses to talk to me. I do not know what to do. I am losing my self esteem and feel unloved and unwanted.
I didn’t mention he is working in Iraq. He suggested that I get financial counceling. I asked him to speak with them also, so that we would be working on this together. I also asked him to speak on the phone with a marriage councelor and he said " I don’t need any help"."When you take care of the financial problems everything will be fine". He also told me he was only 6 lbs over weight…He is detached, and has been not interested in sex. I have ask him and get tired of being told no..8 times a year isn’t enough. Thank you all for your answers and advice. You are wonderful for taking time to answer my question.

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