Does anyone have any ideas how to get revenge on your ex? I know that some of you will say “don’t do anything… be the better person, be mature,” etc.

But I’m not gonna do that. Listening to heavy metal, hitting a punching bag, etc. simply doesn’t give me any release–she needs to PAY for what she did to me.

I want people who have gotten revenge on their ex to tell me what they did… or if anyone has any good ideas on how to do so. Be creative, people! Also please tell me how it made you feel, and what the reaction from your ex was.

My ex wife’s offenses against me include infidelity, theft of thousands of $ to support her drug habit, and simply lying to me countless times.

Again, please don’t tell me not to get revenge–I’m GOING to get revenge, it’s a done deal! I just want to do a little brainstorming first and generate some good, doable ideas.

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