I went to jail for contempt of court for child support for 45 days back in March, we lost our baby in February, and things have been sour ever since I had to go to jail. She tells me that she can’t get over that and she wonders everyday if the police are going to come knocking at the door for me again.

What makes things worse is she is cold as ice towards me, I try and try to show love towards her and she doesn’t even care; she says she loves me, and is in love with me still but doesn’t know why and why she should stay. Last night I broke down finally and begged her to just be close to me she didn’t even care she turned over and went to sleep I sat there sobbing uncontrollably for about 4 hours and she didn’t even care. She is the most important thing in the world to me and I love her with all my heart and soul, what can I do to rekindle that love we had and make things work; I don’t want to lose her and I have no one else to turn to. Any advice I would appreciate it
She said that my job as a bounty hunter is all I have and have ever had; she said all I have is what I am chasing after.. But she is the one I want and she said that I spend too much time on the computer and the cell phone for work, what can I do
As for me not paying child support it is a long story and not my fault, I was in Argentina when my ex wife filed for adoption of my 2 boys to her new husband, they posted service in the paper and I was never able to appeal it or fight it; when I called the family court they said my child support obligation was through; the reason I went to jail for 45 days is for not paying arrearages that built up because she was on assistance from the state and I have to pay all that back.

It has nothign to do with treating my kids bad, I wanted to see them and when I came back from my assignment they were adopted right out from under me.

As for me changing careers, I have been doing this all my adult life (bounty hunting) and I make exceptionally good money doing it and I am well known internationally as one of the best there are, she knew this when we got together and it comes with the package. She just wants me to give her what she isn’t giving me and I don’t think it is fair

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