I know I am. I’ve seen the movie, and own the book. Didn’t save my marriage. Of course she left twice before I could get very far. I think if it actually helps someone, that is great, but in the end it is just another movie, it isn’t some sort of miracle working movie. Plus the acting is just plan bad.

Also, I have nothing against Christians as I am one. It is just it gets on my nerves when people suggest it as a be all end all to marriage problems.
It is about 122 minutes. lol
Fireproof is about a fire fighter who is married and doesn’t really respect his wife. Also the wife doesn’t really respect her husband. They are basically room mates and don’t try for each other. After a fight, the wife says she wants out. They continues to live together, but husband’s dad gives him a 30 day love dare. Huband does the dare, it takes some time to get started and then my the end of the movie they love each other and make out.
BTW, I think the love dare is a great tool for people who think they have lost the spark or fire or passion in their marriage and would recommend it in a heart beat. I just don’t think it is a replacement for a seriously damaged relationship through physical abuse, unfaithfulness or something along those lines.

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