Long story but totally worth it!

My boyfriends ex girlfriend wants to get back together with him AGAIN!!!! They also have a child together but have been on again off again since he was born. They have recently been broken up for a year and a half and this time it was because she cheated on him. She has taken him to court several times for custody and a few other times for some non-sense that was throw out.

We have been together for almost a year now and she’s known that we’ve been seeing each other but just until recently (past couple months) he and I have made it become more serious and we both love each other (awww, isn’t love grand! hehe) and low and behold, a few weeks ago she called him and told him that she still loved him and wants him back and that she wants him to think about it. He told me that she called him and i value that he was honest and that makes me trust him.

I havn’t brought it up since he told me because I am secure in our relationship but she keeps texting him and what have you and I’m starting to get ******* irritated as hell!!!! Example: They talk on the phone about their child etc..etc.. and he talks to her in front of me and its no problem, but he’ll drop their son off to her and moments later he gets a text from her about how she loves him and how she knows he still loves her blah blah blah. Or she’ll call him at like 3am or text him! He is not in love with her nor does he have any type of love for her besides being the mother of his child. and they both know that every time they’ve "tried to work it out" it never worked….so whats the freakin deal here? Why can’t she move on like an adult its been how many attempts and how many years? She also called and asked all these personal questions about me and him, like if I get him off and if we have good sex etc…hello grow up??? I can’t even amagine asking questions like that to my ex ( i have a child too and I have moved on, and I did it with grace thank you very much) Geezzzz!

Should I stop ignoring it and tell him how I feel? And whats her deal? Is she just testing him or does she only love him and want him back when he’s in a great, loving, healthy, relationship and its not with her….I just want her to back off….but I understand they have a kid together etc…but uhhh errrr I just need some advise PAH-LEASE! Thanks! BTW I am 27 he is 28….and she’s 33.

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