My gf now Ex have been together for almost 3 years, we broke up 2.5 weeks ago while we were on vacation in NY after a fight..we broke up before but always got back together…We kept in contact and saw each other as usual since then, up until a couple days ago I stopped all contact with her and she still calls me every night to talk for hours and calls me during the day also..We had a serious but fun relationship, we were always there for each other, she lived with me, we traveled at least 3-4 times a year together and went to parties etc…our relationship was fun…

But recently she said she became unhappy because she feels like she doent contribute to our relationship..I’m in a more financially stable situation and have no trouble taking care of the two of us..she says she doesnt want to be in a relationship right now and she wants to get her act together and we need time apart..(she always said this when we broke up before) and neither one of us ever cheated on each other even when we took time apart..We both love each other and are best friends..She recently started saying she has been thinking about kids and marriage in the future..I was going to propose but we both arent ready for that…She’s a good girl and I treat her like a princess…

Now are these signs she is coming around??
back when we broke up before it took some work on my part for us to get back in good terms, but this time I’m choosing not to do anything because she plays these games too much and after a while I realize I can live without her, but I actually want to be with her..I told her before that we are meant for each other and she said she knows…I can’t even muster up the will power to go find another girl,sleep with her etc.. because I don’t want to and I can’t…I guess I’m still in love with her.

What do you think?
we are both in our mid twenties

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