Me and my boyfriend had been together for 10 months when he left for missouri with my best friend to go through AIT for the national guards. When he left we were perfectly happy, and everything was fine. We both agreed we would stay together for the 3 months he would be gone, and both we ok with a short long distance. Two weeks into him being gone i open my e-mail to find a naked picture spread eagle over a bowling alley tiolet of my best friend sent to me from my boyfriends cell phone. i talked to him the next day about it because he only got his phone on certain nights depending on his physical trainings. i asked him instantly about the picture, and he had no idea what i was talking about. aparently when they have personal time they have to use the buddy system and decided because it was legal to drink on base, because they are both 18, to get drunk together, then meet up with others at the bowling alley. he says he doesnt remember sending me them, and i called everything off. he continues to call me and talks to my family as if nothing happened (none of my family know what he did), and tries to make me feel guilty for calling things off. he wants to go on a date when he gets back (Oct. 31st). ive told him repetedly that i want nothing to do with him, and he isnt listening at all. i was wondering if i should give him another chance, ignore him, or try to get him to back off by getting revenge and making him see how messed up what he did was?
i did talk to my friedn, and she started crying and apologizing to me about what happeend. i flat out asked her what happened and she said we had sex but its not like that between them, it was a one time thing, and it would never happen again.

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