It is a very common mistake among many Muslims to assume that anyone who is called a Christian belongs to "People Of The Book". and is to be distinguished from Polytheists. On the basis of this mistake they have allowed marriage with Christian women no matter what their beliefs. But the Book of Allah says very clearly:

They do commit polytheism who say: "(God) is Christ the son of Mary." But Christ himself said: "O Children of Israel! Worship God, my Lord and your Lord." Whoever joins other gods with (the one true) God, God has forbidden him the jannah (paradise), and the fire will be his abode. For these wrong-doers there will be no one to help. (5:72)

[Since none of us knows in what state we would die, let us pray that may God save us from the fire of hell.]

This verse shows:

a) Those Christians who say Jesus is God commit shirk.

b) They violate the teachings, not only of the Prophet Muhammad but also of the Prophet Jesus (and indeed of all the prophets recognized in the Christian Bible).

c) For them jannah is haram like it is haram for any other person who commits shirk.

God does not forgive joining other gods with him; but he forgives whom he will sins other than that. Any one, who joins other gods with (the one true) God, has strayed far away (from the right way). (4:116)

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