i just got through watching it, and it was shocking
all her life, grace has been the good girl christain virgin prude. and i for one think she has a major stick up her asss. Adrian + Grace are friends now, and adriana had just given her some major life advice ( to save her virginity until marriage) and what does she do? she’s trying to act like some hardd asss rebel and has sex with jack anyway. "i’m gonna have sex with jack and then mabye he will stay with me forever and forever. and then we’re gonna get married.. and everything’s just gonna be so perfect" wow, seriously?! i’m sorry but she just pissess me the hell off. how naive can you get?

Ricky + Adriana are changing for the better and i’m starting to like them a lot more. ben needs to get over the fact that ricky stays in amy’s room with the baby? hellooo, their not sleeping together!
it’s HIS baby afterall!

it was so sad when we found out that Grace’s dad died, and her mom was crying and everything. i was so NOT expecting that to happen.. i got a little teary eyed when i found out.. and the worst part is, grace had the chance to forgive her father, but she refused. and now he’s dead and it’s over. looks like grace’s perfectly life isnt so perfect anymore. i know she has a lot of regrets and probably will never forgive herself

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