I was emotionally depressed which led to me being verbally abusive to my ex, and not providing financially like i should have. We have two girls, have been split up for a year and divorced for 6 months. I have been going to therapy for 9 months now for depression. I now feel so much happier than ive ever been, but i get upset knowing how happy my wife would be if we were still together. We talk on a constant basis, she has fallen out of love with me to some degree, though she has agreed to date, but she has made clear that she does not want anything serious right now also wants me to know she will treat me as if im anyother man. Here is the big But, she says she doesnt know if she will ever be able to trust that things will be different and that i can overcome my issues. She has admitted that in the past few months i have seemed a lot happier and more of the person she fell in love with, but she still doesnt know if she could ever trust again. So my question is… is it possible??????
Forgot to tell we were married for 7years together for 8.

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