My husband and I have been married for a little over 3 years and I thought everything was great until about 2 months ago he had some form of a midlife crisis (hes only 36) about how we dont have kids (I cant) and he feels worthless we got passed that now about every other day he just turns off towards me..he’s made comments that really hurt just last night he said if he doesnt feel better soon he’s going to leave. Feel better about what? He’s harping on arguments we had early in our relationship. Almost as if it just gives him a reason to not care. He says he loves me wants to be with me but he does not show it. I cry constantly I love him with all my heart and all I want is to make him happy. I am so confused and I want to fix it, I’ve tried being sweet, listening, making his favorite food..everything..when i tell him how i feel it makes it worse. I need says everything will be fine but how I can I live my life with no affection or love I feel so alone now and it would be nice just for him to make some effort..any suggestions… is this marriage going to last? is it worth saving? Neither one of us have ever cheated so I don’t understand where things went so wrong.
just to add.. I’d love to adopt but he has something against wants his own blood for whatever reason. He went from feeling bad about not having kids to now he says he’s to old to have kids and doesn’t want them. It’s been a roller coaster kind of couple months. For example right now he’s been talkative and funny..but give it a hour I’ll be in tears again. he says we don’t need counseling we’ll be fine but I like the suggestion of going on my own…
He’s 36– I’m no I am not starting to age :-)

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