A Parent’s Love

When you cannot change the inevitable, you get desperate. When you know the inevitable was something that could hurt your mommy and daddy, you get scared. When you’ve only lived for five years, you tend to wonder why the inevitable is, in fact, the inevitable.

Her parents were not perfect, and she was okay with that. She was prepared to see her mom cry those wishing tears. Those drops of pain always touched Mollie’s delicate soul. Among those dark, ageless nights, Mollie’s mother would watch her little girl sleep silently, happily. Tension had filled the entire household by now, but when the parents entered Mollie’s room, they entered with a smile; with a glimpse of hope.

Her father was just as to blame as her mother. The way he tortured his wife with his angry words was painful, but the way he exclaimed them was even more haunting. Mollie realized her father was hurting, perhaps more so than her mother. He would not communicate his hurt, his guilt, and his emotions. They were bottled up, waiting to be lashed out.

The pressure to live together did not help the declining turmoil of their relationship. It most likely contributed to it. Should they stay together for the acceptance of family? Should they put aside their own lives for their daughter’s? Everything and anything came up in those late-night disagreements.

“Jim, how could you separate this family? You can never be content with what you have! Our little, precious daughter is the only thing that keeps us together. Our love has died! Gone! Dead!”
Deanna focused on her words, hiding the need of breathing. She then trembled as she gasped for air, trying to satisfy the burning sensation within herself. Of course, like every other night, the air never satisfied. Oxygen could never heal the pain of falling out of love.

“Me!? Me?! You do not have the right to blame all this hell on me! I am the mere product of your insecurities, your manipulative ways of thinking that I am not faithful! That is all I am! This marriage is killing me more than it’s killing you! You are a hy-po-crite!”
The way Jim spoke had hurt far worse than the words itself. His voice spoke hate, fear, and death. His heart was dying, and his life was nothing. He worked everyday, paid the bills, and tried to avoid the existence of his wife. Mollie was all he had, and all that could save him.

The night ended like any other night. They separated, one sleeping upon the couch and one claiming the queen-sized bed. You would have thought Virginia would be a pleasant place to raise a family, but the upcoming divorce ruined all peace and happiness. The setting of this story is at the arrival of autumn season. This season is when the crisp leaves of red and yellow collapse onto the ground, and when the little patches of grass hang onto dear life and existence; not knowing that within nine months life would revive. Autumn was a time of harsh breezes and charming, peaceful nights. Maybe this family could find tranquility amongst the bitterness.

This young couple was, in fact, in love at some point. They had never even thought of themselves to become an arguing pair. Deanna and Jim were pretty typical in the dating scene. They started off as friends, then rapidly falling in love, and soon to get engaged. Marriage came about, and within the first year of matrimony, their lovely Mollie was born to the once happy couple.

I guess you could say that all these fights started when Mollie was two, after Jim came home late one night. No one knows why Deanna did what she did, but it could not be erased. She had thrown numerous accusations at her husband, and most were, soon to be found out, false. Though Jim had never let it go.

After this scandal of lies, Jim had accused Deanna of many things. We could go on all day about these fights and dishonesty, but to be entirely truthful here, the only thing that matters in this particular story is the present. This is how divorce arrived into the mind of little Mollie Lynn.

The remaining weeks of September were rather unchanged. Mollie’s parents have pushed limits beyond compare and began to wonder how much longer each person can survive. Mollie, on the other hand, has begun to construct a new mindset.

“Billy, if my mommy and daddy loved me, would they stop hurting each other?” Mollie asked quite simply, quite honestly. Her pale, fragile face stared longingly at Billy King; her only friend. Billy King was just five years old, like his friend, and he was rather intellectual, or so everyone claimed he was. Mollie had learned to put a lot of trust in Billy- he had never hurt her, unlike her parents.

“Well, I dunno. They should… my mommy and daddy yell but they don’t do what your mommy and daddy does.” Billy nodded, agreeing with himself whole heartedly. He had decided on the idea that if someone loves you, then they would do everything in their power to not hurt you. This was the exact opposite of what his f

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