I’ve been in a really stable working relationship now for almost 3 years and then we broke up mainly because of the distance between us. I know she has a guy that is trying to get together with her but I know that relationship wouldn’t work out because she said so and she has became really close to another guy friend. I personally think that I have a lot more to offer her and I know we were much happier together and I wonder how to get her not to doubt herself in this situation. We have a great relationship and I still love her and I can tell shes questioning herself if she really wants to leave me for good. I miss everything in the relationship for the man that I was with her and the fun we had together and everything she was. I feel that we were both very mature and adult about our relationship and I just want her to know that shes worth it and that I’m definatly something to look forward too. Is this something that becomes more clear with time?

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