I dated my girlfriend for 14 months. We went through ALOT together. To get started, we began our relationship on January 18th, 2008. In march of that year, i came very close to losing my life in a ski accident. I ended up with 7 broken bones and was out of school for about 3 months. The night that the accident happened, i told her i loved her while half conscious, ha. From that point on we were perfect together. She helped me all the way through my recovery. She ended up breaking her leg that same summer and i helped her with that too. We were completely in love. And yes, you may be thinking that this is the young, lust type of thing that people mistake for love. Im not the guy that said i love you after 2 weeks of dating. It took something serious, and life altering for me to fall head over heals for this girl. We kept getting closer and closer together, even throughout our periods of fighting. But overall, we knew that we could never let eachother go. I talked to my little girl from the first thing in the morning, to the time i fell asleep. My life revolved around her. It was perfect. I had everything i could ever want. Our anniversary, and valentines day of 09 were days i will never forget. In march 09, she ended our relationship. There was no one real reason. I broke down. I couldnt function. I lost everything. And over the next 4 months, i was so screwed up in the head. I always thought about her, i tried talking to her, begging her to come back, confessing my love to her again and again. Until one day her parents put a stop to it. No more contact. I was on anti depressants, started drinking a little, didnt want to have a social life. Our group of friends was pretty close. There were guys and girls and we did everything together. After the breakup, everyone didnt seem to hang out together anymore, it all ended. I finally got back under control of myself about 2 months ago. I didnt break down as much but i still loved her more than anything in the world. Even seeing her talk to other guys as a friend made me sad. Im around her everyday in school now. The no-contact period is pretty much over. She’ll talk to me now and then, smile, say hi, and so on. We’re on good terms but i want to be more than friends more than anything. I want someone to care about. Someone to give my all for again. I want to make her the happiest girl on earth. I NEED a way to convince her mind that im ok now. Now may i remind you that i havent talked about our relationship with her in about 2 months, so its been quiet lately. Please help. Ive been to therapists, talked with my parents, and just about everyone else. Its impossible to let go when you would die for this person. I want to show her that i can do this. She means the world to me.

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