In late November my wife announced, out of the blue, that she does not love me anymore. She is planning to move out in Mid March. Our 11 year old straight A daughter, like my self, thought everything was fine in our home. My wife finnishes school in May with a degree as a Rad Tech / Xray. We have been together for 21 years. She will be 43 in July and I turned 53 on Christmas Day. She is very beautiful and i remain very fit and healthy. When we met she was only 20 and had a 5 year old son that I raised from that point with her. He lives in Las Vegas. He is so upset that he is moving home to Ohio and wants to move in with me. My wife will not agree to conceling and will only say that she wants out. There are many things that I could and would do differently if she would stay but I can think of nothing that rises to the level of wanting to break up our family and marriage. Help!

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