Okay so me and my girlfriend have been broken up for a few months now. We broke up because mainly i was not giving her enough attention. We went on a break, and during the time period of being single I have apologized for what i did to her.

get my ex girlfriend backShe took my apology very well and said she was happy that I said that. but during this time period we have been single, she has fallen in love with another guy, which is one of my friends that we hang out with all the time.

I stumbled on one of her messages on accident that my friend, he was saying these things like he had never met someone as beautiful as her, and how he was glad to have met her and he loves her so much. and my ex girlfriend thinking he is a good guy thinks that all of that which he said is sweet and cute, so now she loves him for it and she even told me that she had feelings for him that she “can’t control.”

My friend knows that me and my ex girlfriend have been on break for a long time and how could he does this to me?? and also my ex girlfriend has another friend, which used to be my friend until he started hanging out with my ex girlfriend more than me and he slowy stopped talking to me. The point is that this other guy has been saying to my ex girlfriend that my friend and her make a cute couple, to forget about me, life is too short for drama ( which he thinks I’m making drama for her) and even more slanderous things towards me! he even suggested to her that I will probably find a new girlfriend since im going to college and I will probably move on.

I have never been so upset in my whole life!! I never thought two of my best friends would ever say or do things like this to affect my relationship with my ex, which was looking good like we were going to get back together, until these two came along and have almost ruined my relationship entirely with my ex girlfriend.

I don’t know what I should do and I am in the need of some serious advice here.. I love my ex girlfriend so much and I have apologized in a very long and sincere letter to her in which she accepted my apology, but these two guys have ruined what we could have had going on. and my friend thats was trying to get my ex together with my best friend, was the one person that kept telling her to do it and ask him out through text messaging because I saw the messages when he “accidently” sent them to me like some idiot..

I don’t know!! Should i give my ex girlfriend some space? I told her how i felt about those two guys and she denied it, like she won’t believe that they are “bad” people. behind my back she even told them what i said to them on the phone, but who cares, i didn’t want to be friends with either oe of those jerks anyway.

Please someone give me some advice and thank you so much, you are truly amazing if you take the time to read through this and help me out, i thank you again

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