What would you do to get your ex boyfriend back? He’s kind of confusing. He says to his friends that he still likes me. And even tells them to tell me. And he’s always looking at me. But he’s like when i talk to he goes all cold on me. And he says he doesn’t want to be my friend but not in a i want to date you way… anyway so after he told a friend to tell me that he fancied me i sent him a text telling him that i had feelings for him. He didn’t answer the text but the next day he wore the clothes that i said that i really liked, when we were dating and he didn’t stop starring at me like if he was expecting something but he didn’t talk to me or make a move. And so i’m not sure what he wants… is he playing hard to get or me? How can i get him back? Should I?
Heum… yeah. I dumped him btw.
Not because we didn’t like each other. But because we were young (10th grade) and we were spending spring break far from each other. Him in Russia with some friends that wanted to get with him, and me in england with my ex boyfriend that wants me back.

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