I am a 20 year old college student and have had sex with 11 females. I have never been in a relationship and its not that I don’t want one, Its just the one time I tried to get in one (in college), the girl turned out to be really slutty. Sad, because I really think I loved her. It seems that more and more girls these days are treating casual sex exactly as its name implies, very casually. So, I mean, I really would love to be in a relationship and be with someone who genuinely likes me, but I just don’t trust anyone. It seems like since girls are sleeping around these days, I guess I should just get with the program. "Saving it for marriage" seems to be a dead ideology these days and almost a joke. So, I am pretty much saying fuck it…look at the world today…lets just fuck whoever I want to when I want…smoke, drink and fuck…..A crazy psychologically neglected gunman could kill me tomorrow…why not have fun in life.

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