How to make a whitetail deer come out during the day?

I live in Louisiana and have trail cameras out to see when deer are coming out and how big they are… iv got a nice 8pt coming out every night by a certain stand… but that’s the problem he only comes out a hour after dark…. i already have a deer feeder going off at 7 in the morning… but they still wont touch it till night comes…. any ideas?

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  1. dumdum says:

    The odds are he will remain nocturnal until he starts trailing a hot doe. By not showing up in the daytime is the reason he has lived long enough to have a decent rack. You may see 50 does, yearlings and small racked bucks before you see even one buck with a nice set of horns.At least that’s the way it seems to be in the state that you are hunting in.But keep on trying. Sooner or later you may have an opportunity to get him. Good luck!

  2. Greg L says:

    Are you asking how mind control works? You can’t "make" the deer do anything.

  3. Kahner S says:

    Try to use scent blocker and calls. Just be pateint and it will come

  4. Jennifer says:

    Go squirrel hunting. You’ll be amazed how many deer you see. Or find out where he’s bedding down, go to him

  5. Cody L says:

    I live in south la and hunt in north la and I had the same problem. Use Tinks 69 doe in rut and make a scent drag, tie a string with some kind of cloth attached to it and put Tinks on it. Drag it all the way to your stand. Take empty pill bottles or film canisters and stuff them with cotton balls and put Tinks on it and set them up about 100 yards or so away from your stand. That buck will come as quick as he will be dead. Its worked every time for me so far.

  6. mack_9 says:

    You need to figure out where he is bedding and set up closer to where he is bedding. He is coming out before dark but not getting to your camera until after dark.

  7. brandon says:

    if u own the property u can plant food plots i reconmend planting corn and soy beans because in the winter if u have the food the deer will came to eat and if u set ur stand between the deers bedding area and the food plot u will have many deer walking by. if u dont own the property i reconmend using tinks 69 mock scrape to start a scrape and it will have deer returning after i heard how good tinks has been working for others i decided to try it myself because i had the propblem of deer going from moving at all times to only moving at night after puting out tinks 69 i noticed that more deer were appearing from out of no where.also u can buy sheld corn for only 5 or 6 dollars for a fifty pound bag and that wiil also bring the
    deer back good luck i hope these work just as good for u as they did for me

  8. brandon says:

    trail cameras can also help but get 1 with a long range so u can catch more deer on a trail he travels and my other tips will also lead u to the chance of a lifetime oppertunity to tack the largest uck in ur state

  9. the hunter says:

    Just be patient. These other assholes don’t know wat there talkin about. U don’t use tinks that just confuses the deer because its not rut yet. Second of all don’t go squirrel hunting either because that will make a lot of noise and then u surely won’t. Get em. Sooner or later that deer is gonna come out. No doubt about it u just gotta be ready wen he does. Be patient and don’t shoot any does cause that’s the only way he’s gonna come out if he sees a doe or smells on e and if u kill all the does then he’s not gonna come out because he has no reason to. Ull get em

  10. Lydiah says:

    Three words: Just Be Patient! It’ll come out sooner or later to pursue a doe so be ready to get him. Best of luck!

  11. jerial okla says:

    First off, the only asshole on here hunter is you. Second of all, tinks does not confuse a buck, its a male, he’ll take the ass when he can get it, read up and research alot better before you open your mouth. Its easy, the North American Hunting Club will tell you that. Third, evryone on here has thier own ways of things that have worked for them, it dont make them dumb or assholes. People like you give hunters a bad name. We should be pulling together to help each other, just cause you have a small dick doesnt mean its everybody elses fault. The only thing we agree on is that this person needs to be patient, it will happen for him and wish him the best of luck. BTW, sweeten the deal for your buck, if you can afford to, start throwing apples out near your hunt, deer see 5 times better than a human w/ 20/20 vision.

  12. dslr ireland says:

    I also like to peep animals from forest, My house stands just few meteres away of forest’s line, somethimes i see some boar, deer, roe or even fox.

    Feeder for them is a good idea, maybe when i will have some free time i will make one. : )

  13. Ansh says:

    I have seen so many deers in my home town forest. Actually i live in india and we have a national forest where i have visited so many animals. Well i think you have to spend some time there because most of time you will not found any animal.

  14. charley b w says:

    I use alot of doe sent and primos doe bleats and rattling once and a while a grunt thats in the rut though. when not in the rut i would try to find a food plot.

  15. James Wolf says:

    All these people are right in a sense. look at your area if a lot of people are out using tinks it will make deer avoid it till the doe walks past him. Wat works best for me are a set of decoys…One Buck and one doe in te bedded position. you will need to get up earlier ten before to get um in position but it could be wortwile. Use your scent sparingly but wit the wind in the proped direction to bring it to him.

    DON’T FORGET YOUR SCENTLOC. It will be important to be scentless. ten like everyone said PUT YOUR TIME IN. Its always a waiting game.

    P/S Sorry but my _ dosnt work any more..

  16. Norm says:

    They are right. Watch your scent and just stick with it. Patience is the key to good deer hunting.

  17. Travis Wright says:

    Ok so heres some facts based on research done on a ranch in Texas as well as a doe in captivity…
    1) deer have poor eyesight equivalent to approx 20/100 in a human but they can see in the uv spectrum as the have many rods (photoreceptors for color).
    2) dogs have approx 230 million olfactory receptors for smell, it is estimated that deer have 270 million. In a study using police k9’s they tested humans in “coffin boxes”. Some with on showered Bo, some showered and using scent block, some using white acorn scent wafers and some using skunk musk. It took roughly 15 seconds for the dog to pick up on the BO and showered persons, and 45 sec to find each of the other two.
    3) mature buck rarely move and were observed moving only 19% of the time on this ranch. So in short as all agreed be patient, but he is like male humans and is driven by his desire to breed. Trick that and you’ll have a chance. Tinks 69 is one of many products that can help that but usually stand placement would be key to success here.

  18. Tony says:

    If it’s legal in your are you can bait them. Corn, old apples, and pumpkins work good for this. Doe estrus scents also work good if the does are in heat at this time of the year in your area. I hope that helps and good luck.

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