How to get back with an ex-girlfriend?

Firstly, I do not want any answers that are like "You’re an a**hole" or "Forget about the past" ect.

BTW – There’s a tl;dr version

I have always had a big crush on this girl, since I was like 11. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. We started dating around November of last year, and I’d enjoy everyday of her. I would always write her poems and love letters, and such. And she would always make me happy. And I never met anyone like her. It felt like she was like my soul mate, in some ways.

Than are relationship went down hill, her so called "best friend forever", hated my guts with a passion. And now I believe it was due
to "jealousy", in my honest opinion. She would always make up nasty stuff about up me, and tell her I was so called "cheating on her". I never did.

Eventually, we broked up around 3 times, due to this little brat. The 3rd time was it. After, that I did alot of stupid sh*t. And I acted like a complete a**hole and d**chebag to her. Something I regret.

Than she went out with her so called "true love", who only loved her because of her boobs. It didn’t last too long, it lasted for around 3-5 weeks.

Ever since she broked up with me in Febuary, she went out with around 8 guys, which I think is really odd and whorish. And I did go out with some other girls too, but I never really find them as amazing as her.

She currently has a boyfriend, who is my best friend. I do not plan to ruin this relationship for him, because I’m not your typical "teenager". My friend isn’t really commited to her, because he told me he wasn’t going to stay with her for long.

What can I do at this point? I just feel empty inside.

tl;dr version:
I met a dream girl, her bff ruined it. She is with someone now, who probally won’t be with her very long. How can I get her back?

I would also like to add, that she still may like me. She stills txt me everyday, and we talk on the phone every now and than.

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2 thoughts on “How to get back with an ex-girlfriend?

  1. be the change.* says:

    Just be completely open with her.

    Pour your heart out to her, and say everything you just said here! Tell her you miss being with her, and that no other girl is as amazing as her. Tell her you get jealous of other guys who go out with her…just be honest with her! Girls love a sensitive guy whose not afraid to speak their mind.

    good luck! (:

  2. keithherron says:

    i luv this lady so so much i just want my fam back my kids in all just pray fa us

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