I want to plan a surprise weekend gift for my sister and her husband who have been together for 14 years. Because of past arguments and their hectic schedules, they both admit that they don’t feel in love with each other anymore and that they usually run out of things to say to each other when left alone.

They planned to go to San Diego to watch a sport event the 1st weekend of May but there was a problem with the arrangements. I’m helping them think of where else to go and what to do on that weekend instead.

My brother in law likes sports, video games, nature adventures. My sister likes chocolate, music, funny things. They both like to read, watch movies, eat, and be silly. They love their children. :) I just wish thaty this weekend can help them love each other more. :)

Any ideas on where they could go and what they can do? :)
Thanks! :)

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