OK, you don’t know what this girl is like. Please don’t talk to me about life lessons. I wanna fight fire with fire. I don’t care if I get hurt. I need to get revenge. I had this bff for two years. She pretended to be a good innocent little girl but she is a mean backstabbing fake. She keeps criticizing everybody and then pretends to be their friend. Now i have a new bff, *Kate. I used to hang out with my ex bff even though our "best" friendship had ended. she kept telling me, "OMG I hate *Kate so much, she’s such a bitch!" Then she would hang out with her and say the same thing about me to *Kate. Then Kate told me what she was saying about me. She didnt only say she hated me, but she also spread loads of rumors about me. we were only 12 and she said that i wasnt a virgin anymore and that i was a prostitute and that my boyfriend only went out with me coz i paid him. she also told everybody that i was bulimic. anyway, none of that is true. she also spread rumors about *kate. please help me get revenge. and dont tell me not to. i just want revenge ideas, thats all.

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