How do I get revenge on my mom?

I am an aspiring songwriter. My mom threw all the songs that I wrote away in the garbage. She said their just useless, worthless, and a waste of paper. I can’t rewrite them because I don’t remember some of the lyrics. I worked so hard on writing those songs. I f**king hate her!!! She always does stuff like this to me. How do get her back? What can I do her so horrible that it will make her cry like just did to me?

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31 thoughts on “How do I get revenge on my mom?

  1. Shelby [the Poltergeist] says:

    right now revenge seems fucking sweet.
    but after you won’t be happy with what you’ve done and she’ll probably even spite you for longer. [which is what my mom does]
    half of me says "clean the toilet with her toothbrush, and don’t tell her,"
    and the otehr half says "forget about it, by showing her that her immature actions don’t affect you, will make her realize that she’s wrong, or she’ll just stop targeting you,"

  2. forever young. says:

    fuck it. its not worth it. write a new song about her, saying the honest truth, and sing it to her.

  3. MuskalGeniuz says:

    well killing her is always one posibility. but thats illegal sooooooo i would recommend
    1)running away writing a song about her become a famous singer and get that to be your #1 hit
    2)just start acting over the top nice to her (may seem stupid but drives them insane!)
    3)put somthing that looks like blood on the butt of her pants(hahaha)
    4)seran wrap her to her bed and goto school
    5)find somthing she love and throw it away

    if you want more email me at

  4. Chelsea says:

    Revenge is useless, if you forgive you will be forgiven.

    Right how mad she makes you or no matter what you love her
    poem, song or anything
    and then give it to her, sing it to her
    show her how important it really is to you and then maybe shell understand

  5. Melissa says:

    First of all… WRITE A SONG. I’m serious, the best songs were written at the worst moments.

    And about your mom, well, if you are old enough, I would say the best thing is to move out and go follow your dream.

  6. sam h says:

    As much as I hate to say it, revenge will get you no where. I would just tell her how bad it made you feel that she doesn’t care how important your songs were to you.

  7. Amelia says:

    Fake a burglary. Make it look like someone broke into the house, but on(it’s a little risky though) anly take her stuff, then smash it all and throw it away. When she wonders why it happened tell her that God punishes the unjust. It’s what I would do. OR hold something very valuable of hers hostage d say if she doesn’t make it up to you you will destroy it. OR if she works on a computer, wipe the computer (you can see the command to wipe the computer as it boots up). OR if she has a facebook or a myspace, find out her password and change it so she can’t get on then upload a bunch of pics of her sleeping or on the toilet. It takes a little longer but its very hilarious! The only thing is, if and when she suspects you, NEVER NEVER NEVER give in. Always maintain your innocence (harder than it sounds). If she says she just wants the truth and won’t be mad DON’T LISTEN TO HER, IT’S A TRAP. Anways. have fun, she deserves it.

  8. Evan says:

    ameila great idea im using what you said

  9. ashley says:

    i stole all of the stuff that was valuable to her and am just keeping it ! its hilarious she just looks and looks and whines abut it!!! i did that to my mom too bc we got into a big fight and she made me mad.

  10. pat says:

    steal all of her stuff. disconnect phones. break some of her valuables. put cheese under her bed so it’ll start to smell lol. just dont get caught niggas.

  11. theone says:

    wait until she is out of the house, find her toothbrush, piss on it, rub yoru ass with it, do disgusting unspeakable things with it, then leave it

    next time she does somthin to you, remeber in the back of your mind what she puts in her mouth everday

  12. rob says:

    yall probly really dont got a reson to do this shit to your mom if its over somethin stupid an u got revenge your fuckin dumb my mom got me put in juvi an on rpobation an house arrest got my dad 2 years in prison revenge isnt just to make u feel better try to teach her a lesson a real lesson u cant just ask ppl of the internet and get something really good you got to study her and make a revenge just for her might take a mounth or to but it will be worth it im still workin on mine an STEAL SOME DAM MONEY!!

  13. some person says:

    Rob is rigth that is the best revenge but if u want some quick revenge just go out dont tell her u r leavin stay out for a long time and shut off your cell phone or any communication with her make her think make her sit there and wonder and agonize over what u r doin just let her make her self her own revenge

  14. Me says:

    I need something that is easy to do and I won’t get caught from but nothing like that toothbrush crap I want something she’ll notice.

  15. Jordan says:

    i need a good evil revenge plot on my mom if anybody has really good ideas email me at

  16. tom says:

    put a camera in her room and wait until something imbarrassing happens and then ……i think you know the rest

  17. SMART ONE says:

    I need some revenge om my momma she is mean and verbably abusive. send any ideas to….ASAP

  18. Mr. Smurfey says:

    awesome i stole my moms car keys and now she might stop doing what shes doing

  19. Getty says:

    thx mr. smurfey im goin with your idea and the others with that toothbrush thing

  20. SOMEONE says:

    You guys are soo mean. How could you do that to your moms? they are MOMS, remember…
    No matter how bad they are.

  21. Human says:

    sometime revenge got into your mind and yes…if succeed you will felt happy after that you will felt sorry…..but if your intend to revenge is exposed…it will backfire at you..and you will angry again…so revenge is useless point

  22. bubbleburst says:

    Hello! I have done excatly like Smurf! Taken car keys, tomorrow is a job day and she has to walk there! I’ll rofl all day long! So I’m angry to my mum because I can’t go sleepover to my friend god dammnit! She has made excuses 6 weeks in a row to keep me home… The most ridiculous was this weeks one. I couldn’t go there because she doesnt know my friends dad! (they are devorsed) So now I’m mad and when i took the car keys she took my laptop and hid it! Well i found it inside 10 hours minus sleeping so that was desperet…. :P So now something would be nice to get her give me laptop “back” just to humiliate her! So that’s what I’m doing these near future days. And also trying to get to my friend!

  23. Jason says:

    Revenge against your mom is not a good idea. What ever she do don’t take revenge. Wait until your 18 and get out from her custody. In that way you can do what ever you want and go where ever you want to go.

  24. Shawn says:


  25. ME says:

    Turn off her phone and take the sim card out and hide the phone in an easy place. Hide the sim card somewhere harder and watch her suffer… OR turn off her phone ( so she can’t hat a friend to phone it ) hide it somewhere or put it in the trash… OR if she needs glasses to see hide them… OR ignore her… OR hold an item she loves and blackmail her… OR spit in her food… OR trash some small things she loves… OR Move out!!!

  26. mummydearest blues says:

    when i get mad at my mother i dont seek revenge, i dont yell back, i simply do nothing, i sit in my room and sing to my self until she comes up and apologises, i am by no means a pacifist, im the first to start a fight, but i would never intentionally do mean things to the woman who brought me up and looked after me all my life.
    look before you leap or you may land in hot water

  27. she hits me and my siblings says:

    Haha most of u guys r lucky! She has a reason! One of the nicest threats my mom mad was “ima hang you by your ears!” Juss cuz she lost Her slippers! She actually had a hammer and nails!

  28. Isaac Turner says:

    my mom takes my stuff and makes me do things i dont want to do (like take up piano) and gets really pissy when i ask her to stop taking my stuff or do something simple like turn the TV off when shes finished with it. it is driving me insane and i REALLY need to get back at her. how can i do it?
    P.S. it needs to be something that will really do it

  29. revenger says:

    My mum is like that too,she punishes me for no reasons.For me the best idea is too:
    1 .Make a poem and put it on Facebook and twitter and see their comments,it makes you feel better!
    2.if you are old enough and likes to take risk DO the opposite of what she says
    3.write something secretly and reveal it in the end when you cannot stand it
    4.lock the door and no contact each other
    5.ignore her your computer games and drive her crazy!

  30. Dan says:

     You and your mom need help. It is very sad that you mom does not support any of your dreams and it is extreme that she would throw away your hard work. Revenge is just perpetuating a crazy cycle that will certainly come back around.

    Sometime we cannot get through to others (even parents) to let them know how much it hurts to be treated that way and that is why you need help. Almost always one person has to rise above the other and make effort to change, look the other way or succeed in spite of her actions.

    Getting a grip on this and overcoming it will stop this cycle before you pass it on to your children if and when that may happen. The idea that you are seeking revenge indicates that you share her same distorted view of how a healthy relationship should be.

    Get help, rise above and do not let anything get in your way of success. It seems that people with stories like yours are the ones who end up having things to write and use this situation as a therapeutic way to heal and help others while entertaining. Thank her for giving you that and keep writing.

  31. Katie says:

    Just kill her.I mean thats what i would do.Just cut her head off and drop to body into the ocean.And then don’t let the cops cut you :)

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