I will try to make this a brief as possible. I love my wife, we are currently going through the worse part of our marriage now. I myself am able to distinguish lust from emotion, my wife not so lucky she is quite the opposite. She gets attached, recently she expressed the urge to kiss a lesbian. Me being the swinger ideal guy allows it with hopes of possibly seeing where it may spice our already great sex live up.

Fast forward a long talk and quite a few tears she has feeling strong feelings for this woman. She wishes to be with her, I feel powerless, I wish for her to be happy even at the cost of my own happiness. Yet I took an oath to stand by her no matter what. Lately I have become restless with the thoughts of my other self seeing the bad before the good. I am incapable of channeling my love to her, she wants to love again yet she is unable too.

I ask you the internet dwellers: Is there anything I can do to show her how much I wish for her to be madly in love me with me again?
No kids on an insanely awesome little Bull Terrier. The funny thing is, I exceed over everything the lesbian is. I have been there when she was crying, holding her telling her it will be alright we can get through it. Example: Out of the 10 times she has needed the new woman she has been able to talk twice! All 10 time I have been there. She begged her to come over and help solve this she refused.

I know swinging can open a can of worms. I am seeing now not all of us can turn that lust switch off and cut ties to emotions. It was a big mistake I am paying for now. I full fill her needs I offer massages, to cook dinner, go to movies, open the door still, kiss her head, rub her feet when shes cold, tell her I love her many times a day.

She does still speak to her, I know she may need to cut ties and only she can do that. It doesn’t help she feel inadequate for such a great guy as myself she has constantly said she doesn’t deserve my kindness, and I deserve better.
I have read notes, I have read cards, I am at the point where I feel I am fighting a lost cause. She is seeking help it just feel like this is going to drag out and I do not wish for that. She is quite indecisive which makes it worse. There is nothing more painful than seeing the one you love and hold over all others not love you back. She barely knows this woman yet holds her in such high regards, even over her own husband.

She, and even her mom do not know why I stay by her in this darkest time. I do, My oath to her, our family, our friends, and to God. I am just having such a hard time keeping positive. I thank you for all your answers thus far please keep them coming.
I have given her my all, every fiber of my being, every time I even thought of her I texted her, telling her I love you. Deep down we all have two sides, a light and a dark. My dark tells my light it has lost her and to move on make the choice for her & be done with it get on to the healing and the bitches. The few years invested can be re-couped.

Even if I feel it is slightly true, I still am bound by the honor of my word to stay with her till the bitter end. I will continue to strive to show her I care, I love, I wish to have her by my side. I will continue to support her in her seeking help, I would even attend sessions with her if she asked. I will because I love her. I wish nothing but the best for her be it with me or without i am her friend before all, I seek to see her happy, that is why I stay.

To show her I am there for her, to show her I stand by her side even in the face of such a monstrous task ahead of us. To pick her up when she has fallen and carry her on my back.

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