Ok so my boyfriend is getting divorce but now his soon to be ex-wife wants him back she constantly txts him, uses the "i need to see u to discuss the divorce" excuses & has even called him past 2am when i was with him he didnt answer but i asked who was calling at that time & he told me that she calls him every saturday when shes out & after she has a couple of drinks to try to work things out & it really bothered me that he didnt tell me that she had been calling him for the past weekends im so jealous cuz he was with this girl for over 5 yrs so i know she played an important part in his life & the thing that bothers me more is that they broke it off cuz she cheated so now that shes sorry im afraid he’ll run back to her sorry abt for the long writting im just so confused! some1 help…..

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