My ex boyfriend and I managed to remain friends after we broke up over a year ago. I even have a key to his apartment. Well, the other night, he called me crying on the phone about how I needed to come over because he needed to talk to me. I went to see him because I was worried. I thought someone in his family died.

When I arrived, I discovered women’s clothing and stripper shoes and gear in his closet. When I questioned him about the gear, he said it belonged to his brother’s girlfriend. (????) Long story short, it ended up belonging to some woman who he said was living with him for a few days but said she was never coming back. He wouldn’t tell me many details, so I figured that’s why he was upset.

I sat on his bed and waited for him to fall asleep and I bunked on the couch b/c it was too late for me to drive home.

30 minutes after I drifted off, a woman came in and I darted over to the door because it frightened me. She pushed the door on my so hard that she ended up breaking my ring finger on my right hand.

She then began questioning me and yelling about why was I there with her fiance in her house. I was like WTF have I gotten myself into?

I grabbed my bag and got the hell out of there because someone was going to end up in the hospital or jail- and I wasn’t going to the hospital.

She called me as I was driving home and told me that she knows how I look and if she ever sees me again, she would bash my face in. I told her that she needed to take that up with her fiance because he asked me to come over.

Well, I’m suing both of them. I feel as if he placed me in a dangerous situation. I think he used me as bait to get her to come home and may have endangered my life. After all, he never told me he was engaged or that a woman had moved in with him. Had I known that, there’s no possible way I would’ve gone to his apartment.

I decided not to file criminal charges but my attorney is pushing for everything that he can. He said my ex is negligent and his fiancee has not only threatened my life but also broke my finger.

My ex has apologized and agreed to pay my medical bills.

I can’t work because I need both hands to type. Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t realize there was a problem with my finger until I got home..guess it was adrenaline.

I’m an educated woman and I will have my Engineer license within the next year. I’m highly accomplished and graduated at the top of my class. I am insulted by the fact that someone that I was associated with is desperate enough to "shack up" and marry a stripper.

When I asked him about this, he said it’s not true and they’re not engaged, but she even has a ring. He said the ring was given to her by her ex. Someone is lying!!!!

We were in a relationship for 4 years and I’m deeply hurt by the fact that he basically chose this stripper over our friendship by using me. It’s like he’s more concerned about protecting her privacy than he is about my broken finger.

This guy already has a lot of drama in his life. He’s in court every few months regarding a child support issue that he’s been avoiding and he has issues within his family that he needs to address.

Why on earth would he try to wife up a stripper? Can someone tell this fool that when his son’s mother finds out about this stripper he might as well give up his parental rights. Why would this guy bring more drama into his life by bringing in a woman like that?

What should I do? Should I continue with the law suit? Should I make his stripper fiancee write me a letter of apology? Should I take them both for everything they have or will have in the future?

My family is livid because they know what I’ve done for him over the years and they are pushing me hard to pursue this legally.

I’ve come here for the opinions of total strangers. What would you do?

Also, let me get one thing straight. We had our run and it didn’t work out for us, but I thought we at least had a great friendship. What bothers me is that he failed to tell me anything about this woman. I want him to be happy in life and if this stripper does that for him, then so be it, but I refuse to be humiliated, used as bait, threatened and assaulted without taking some kind of action.

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