broke up (second time) and didnt talk for ~4 weeks. I called her after that month and a week later, we slept together (no sex, but when we woke up we kissed some) , went to lunch, and went to a movie with each other where she grabbed my hand. This weekend I’m taking her out on a double date with my best friend.

If I want to start things back up with her what should I do?

I dont want to rush things and tell her how I feel because after the second time we broke up, I said somethings similiar to ‘I really love you, its just bad timing.’ She knows how I feel,, I don’t know if she wants me back.

How can I spark up some of that old attraction she had for me? Someone told me I should call her only 1-2 times a week. Good?

gimme some tips on how you won back your ex? or on how your ex won you back?

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