Me and this girl broke up after 3 1/2 months. (I 29 she 25) Initially she told me that she lost the spark. She wanted to remain friends. I kept asking her i wanted her back because my heart said don’t let her go. We fought over the next 3 weeks about getting back.

She said things like you cant force it, give it time, etc.. Then she started to call me a crazy person cause i persisted and i know i did. Last night i get a text from her telling me the reasons for a break up. My charm got old. She was no longer attracted to me cause she is way outta my league, she felt i was buying her love and my ass-kissing got sicking and now she says she will never be friends now and wants nothing to do with me. I think i pushed her to far.

Will she ever talk to me again. Has anyone ever had someone talk to them again after something like this. I really just want to be friends.

She just had gotten out of a 2 1/2 year verbally abusive relationship ending in a restraining order. During our time, she said he messed her up She told me initially that she lost feelings and wanted to be friends. Just to give her time. Now she assumes that i lied/fooled her about things during our relationship.

She thought i was doing drugs, i was trying to buy her love etc. I was not doing drugs and i told her that i want to prove to her by blood test. Her reasoning to give me reasons was that she did not want me to have the satisfaction of thinking i fooled her.

She does not want me to prove it and she claimed “that i am so erased from her life”. She called me a liar and would never want to be my friend. I didnt lie, just acted great to her i did not want to lose her, that was my mistake. I told her that i want to be friends when she was ready and she told me no thanks. Can she really stay mad at me forever when we both agreed we had a good relationship??? ANY ADV

I feel that I pushed her to far. She wanted to be left alone and I couldn’t understand that. But now I do. And instead of mourning the lost of a gf, I have lost a friend which is even worse. Do any of you feel she still thinks of me, what would need to happen for her to call me again. I doesn’t want to be thought ofd as a stalker, but it hurt cause i fell in love with her. I dated many women and i was never like this before, why is this happenening to me Thanks

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