how do i make him desire me againI and husband married 15 years, we always love each other, and desire each other, more often he desires me more, and he never rejected me even when he is tired.

Two month ago I found out he had an affair, sexually with his female staff, he is the boss.

Then I calmly let him know about this and want him stop.

I can feel he always loves me even when he had a affair and desire me.

We had a cold period after that, but things passed, we talk again, we make love again, but the love changed.

He started not desire me during the week, when I desire him, he sometimes reject me, he doesn’t have the passion as I do. I made everything I can to provoke him, make myself sexy, new hair, new sexy outfit, new sex toys, go out alone. Even he rejected the idea we went out alone for a weekend.

What is wrong? Am I pushing to hard?

Is it possible after I let him know that I know his affair he still want to punish me?

Though he hold me and hug me, but push away my hand from his Private part which before he enjoys it.

I need a man’s opinion for my problem.

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