How Do I Get My Cancer Man Back?

How do I get my ex boyfriend back?

I’m a Scorpio girl and he’s a cancer man……..

I know that I really hurt him but, dammit, I want him back. I even apologized for what I did.

I was so sincere in my apology.

I just want to be able to talk to him again.

I felt such a connection with him and I pretty sure he felt the same way.

How can I get him back?

Oh and by the way, the only way I have to contact him is through e-mail. How do I get him back?

I don’t know if it makes a difference but actually he really hurt me too. But even with that said, I’ve already forgiven him and I just want him to AT LEAST be my friend, of course I would like it to be more, but I’m not trying to go there.

I just want my cancer boyfriend back.

The last time I sent him an e-mail was like in the beginning of August.

I was really sincere, cause after everything went down, I felt bad. I really do wish there was something that I could do.

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23 thoughts on “How Do I Get My Cancer Man Back?

  1. Cathy says:

    Cancer is the crab. And that’s just what Cancer men are like when they feel hurt or threatened – they retreat back into that hard shell and it is very tough to get them back out.

    As some others here have noted, Cancer men can be moody and overly sensitive. Sometimes you feel like you are walking on eggshells when you are with them.

    Do just as you would if you were trying to get a crab to come back out of his shell. Stay near, but don’t poke and prod or try to force him out, as this will only frighten him more and prolong his hiding. Be patient and wait until he is ready to stick his head out a little bit, and then you can try to start communicating again. Don’t force any issues, just let him know you are there and you are still interested, and if there is a real connection, he will eventually start talking to you again. Rebuilding trust with a Cancer is difficult, but not impossible. It just takes a lot of patience.

  2. darkblue says:

    o dear o dear… u let a cancer go…….. it is almost impossible to get them back……. i have experienced it and learnt from others experiences as well… however i have heard only a scorpio woman can get a crab back! so good luck girl… use your own intution on this one.

    but best of all .. back off give him time and space… if he is really yours he will come back… if u run after him he will hide more deeper in his shell…

    cancers really dont bother about stuff they did to hurt you ..they are a bit self centered when it comes to matters of the heart , they only think about what ‘you’ did to hurt them… they are extremely sensitive about themselves and never forget an insult or emotional pain others have cause them…. so i guess it doesnt really matter to him that he hurt you, for now he is firm about not wanting to talk to you….
    you could give it time or sneek up on him and have a quite face to face conversation… dont go on apologizing again just act normal ask questions… listen to him more than u talking…
    chances are slim so best of luck and if things get bad..dont lose yourself …just let go!

  3. Marcey says:

    you’re going to have to work really hard to win back his trust – im a scorp and my guy is a cancer. at times i can be really insensitive to him without even realizing it – i do have to be careful sometimes. i dont know exactly what to tell you to do other than be very persistent and depending on what you did offer him the promise that it won’t happen again or that you will at least work on it. acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong often helps – thats something that us scorps don’t like to do, but that cancers really need for us to do. scorps are proud and that isn’t always a good thing…. hope this helped

  4. 'Barn says:

    Difficult one. Cancers are ever feeling, emotional and not one to easily make that emotional connection with another. When it comes to their emotions, and need for nurturing and emotional support they "truly feel" that.

    If another breaks that bond, mistreats it, or hurts it – good luck. Best thing you can do is apologize and not push it. You may have to say bye-bye to this one.

  5. Granny says:

    When a Cancer man is through with someone, that’s it! Unless it is on their own terms. Be patient and go on with your life. Maybe he will reappear in the future. Remember… you can’t make someone love you.

  6. Tiny Pup says:


    I don’t think you will get him back………….sorry to say. Once a Cancer’s deep love, and hard-won trust are betrayed….
    That’s it. They don’t come back for more, it’s too much emotional danger for them.
    In fact, he will lick his wounds for awhile and recover before letting anyone "in" again.
    But whatever else happens, DO meticulously aknowledge and state what you did wrong, and how truely sorry you are, because they need that, or else they’ll dwell on it forever and it will haunt them if it goes unresolved in their mind. At least give him that peace, and good luck to you.

  7. Crystal M says:

    OK first thing I am not sure it would be great to try to get back with someone if the only way to get in contact with him is by email because he could have read it and forgot about it or he could have deleted it before he read it. You really need to try to get his number a apology is always better when he can here it and when he has something to reply back with you can answer him and he also could here in your voice how sorry you are. Since the only way is by email send him a message 1 or 2 a week don’t keep emailing him he might think your crazy but every once in a while so that way he knows you still like him. When you email him don’t always talk about how sorry you are, tell him how your day went and what you an him use to talk about and at the end you could put P.S. I am truly sorry. Well I hoped some of this works for you. If you want to really be with him don’t give up until it works, but also keep in mind there could be a better guy out there for you.

  8. crab says:

    Did you do something bad to get back at him for what he done to you? It doesn’t matter now because he is gone FOREVER. Don’t play games with Cancer and most Scorpio people like to play games but a Cancer won’t stand for it. Once you let us get away we’re gone forever!!

  9. aCe_KraZzIE says:

    Just tell him that u love him, and that u made a mistake. The BEST way to get him back (assuming this guy is emotional and sensetive) is this:

    1) Mail him a package, make sure it has a special letter inside that is threaded with your heart
    2) Put something in there that u guys did together or that u BOTH love, like the first movie u guys ever saw together
    3) A "sorry" and "i love you" card will always go nice with your letter
    4) Any special photos of you together will be wonderful.
    5) Decorating the box will only show him how much you care
    6) Gift basket wont hurt either.

    If he doesnt accept your apology then he’s really not worth it. People will always screw up and hurt others, hell, sounds like u did it for sure; i know i have. You dont have to be a christian to beleive this, but the bible states that TRUE love is to have the ability to forgive; even a moron could figure that out. Just in case your wondering, im a cancer male.

    P.S. I know ALOT about astrology, but over the years i found that its just not true. Astrology is just another form of occultism, and the oldest form of phychics. Even science, the greatest tool of turning hardcore religious people into atheist, has stated that astrology is only true because people accept it in their minds. Im a cancer male, but i dont fit the description, im me, not a cancer. So please put this question in the "love and relationship" section.

    Good luck, i hope you package or letter will make your man’s heart turn all warm, fuzzy, and squshy again =D

  10. christina h says:

    im a cancer and once out the door that is it its over, especially if we get hurt, wont go there again, trust is gone , and emotions have been scarred and its all done ,no u turns ,

  11. ♥AquaBoggie♥ says:

    honestly sometimes you just gotta let it go and see who else is out there

  12. jena says:

    I had been dating a cancer man for 3years on and off, we lived together and had a baby very early into relationship. he left 1st time due to him losing feelings that lasted 3 weeks and he wanted me back again!
    10 months later he ended it again due to same reason, this time we was split for 3mths and he dated an older women but still came back claiming he couldnt stop thinking about me and we was meant to be.
    everything was fine until we had a little argument with him getting in contact with ppl who caused trouble in our past after 6 weeks of us being together he ended it again saying he needed time to think if we could work things out as he doesnt no what he wants but does love me,
    4 weeks later hes decided hes happy how he is and has been ignorin me since and not seein our child much either. im a sagittarious and ive never been this drawn to a man before and cant seem to move on

  13. Esperanza says:


    I’m a sagittarius and i lost the trust of my cancer man for a small issue.

    He checked in my mail and saw that i said “love you” to one of my boyfriends. He did not like it and said that he does not trust me now.

    I find this absurd because i said that to a friend , that guy is younger to me and i consider him as just a good friend. Though i explained to him, my cancer man just will not listen. I told him i’m sorry.

    He is not realising that he is getting worried for something which is not. He said he will keep his distance now. I could not imagine a relationship without trust so i just said we should separate, but that i wish i could make him trust me.

    When I call him he talks to me in a good tone, but he will not say anything about our relationship.

    I love him a lot, and it’s been 2 days now since that issue happened.

    What can i do to win him back?

  14. gransev says:

    I have also just lost a Cancer man most recently. I broke up with him rather abruptly upon learning that he is living with another girl while at the same time pursuing me and finally we become a couple in a rather “rushed” manner (mainly because of his need to be intimate fast, gosh!). He asked if we could talk again (asking for patience from me and that I should wait) but in my pain (not knowing how to handle him), I pushed him away. He has chosen to safeguard his live in partner in the end. so i pushed him away even more. After a few weeks, I told him I want us back together if it’s still possible, but when we talked, he said, “we will be cool,” and then after some days, he told me informally “no hard feelings.” I know he meant it to be the end of us. However, I wish him back still. But he wouldn’t talk to me anymore. I know I did my best to win him back, and it seems I couldn’t give more. In this case, it seems unfair that he is even the one hurt in the process when he is the one keeping another girl and has been dishonest with me. What can you say about this? In my heart i want him back for what we have is so wonderful. We often see each other along the corridor and in the elevator, and dear god, it’s very difficult emotionally and to get over him! Is there any suggestion what shall I do? Is there a chance we can get back again? I love him, and I think he is my soulmate for we used to get along so well. Help!

  15. gransev says:

    By the way, I’m a Scorpion lady.

  16. neena says:


    I am new to this forum, read about cancern guys and thought to share my expereince here,

    just few days ago i got to know or dating cancer guy…its becoming very hard for me to understand this guy…sometimes he speaks too good reponds to all my messges and all of sudden no response at all…sometimes he says if i dont speak much it does not mean that m bugged when i ask if he is bugged….

    recently he just shared his views about sex, love and marraige….he said to get physical relationship with some one u dont have to be committed….that really turned me off and i jacked him left and right and called him jerk and thats it i stopped messaging i dont know whether i was right or wrong…by the way i am taurus…..

    any advice will be appreicated……

  17. numzil says:

    well i like a cancer man ,i dnt know dat whether i lov him or nt ,he is imp fr me or nt….. but its impposible fr me to leave him or forget him,
    v used to study in school together,but v nevr talked…. sumtyms i noticed dat he stares me alot but i never gav him any kind of imprtance,at d same tym anothr class mate kept hittin on me ,same i nevr encourage him too… now i started likin dis crab ,but i cam to know dat he thnks dat i ws datin dat another guy at dat school tym ……..n hes is nt trusting me ,i cam to know did whole shit frm sumone else….now recently he asked fr my cell no,
    i dnt know dat he luvs me now or nt,v r frnds at facebook…….he msg me daily on FB ,n he is vry eager fr my cell no..once he told me dat he miss me….
    now i dnt know dat whts in his mind……wht he iz upto
    please help me

  18. julia says:

    I have been reading all this about cancer , i like this guy for the first time i saw him , then he kind of started appealing to me in funny instances which drew me closer since i knew he likes me too , funny enough invited him home for a party we got so close but we didt have sex that day, but all the way i was the one who was calling him he really called me , so we went silent for about a month, next time we meat we made love expecting him to call me back but still he didt so continued calling untill one day i got pissed when he said he was busy he will call me back and he didt i told him that he should stop lying since it was not corporate at all he decided to call it off but my heart had liked him , i agree with the rest that cancer guys are very complicated, moody, but am silent about everything if he meant to be mine he will i always let my butterfly free when it comes back its mine

  19. sushi says:

    Hi I am a pisces well my cancer partner just broke up with me I new him for 5 years and we were best of best friends , we have just dated now for like 1 and a half years ever since then we have been consistently fighting I broke up with him more than 50 times and all of a sudden her came to me and said it over now I’m confused he has always came back in the past but now we don’t even talk before we cudnt stay without speaking to each other more than a day … Now I’m confused I’m too stubborn to go back n say yes we can be friends !!! Coz I told him the day he broke up with me is the day our friendship ended… I just cnt be friends with him coz we built all these dreams which was a lie… And he all of a sudden says his feelings changed and he wants freedom I am so shocked and don’t know what should I do because I love him sooo much can anyone help me ????

  20. sealgirl says:

    Hi! I have been dating this Cancer guy for about 7 mos. now i started to fall deeply for him then I recently got
    The courage to tell him that I loved him and it took me a good 5 mins to say it. I was scared to tell him but I’m an Aries
    I had to say what i feel. I couldn’t keep it hidden any longer and all he said was I know. He’s not emotionally ready since he just
    got divorced its been 10 mos. he’s still I guess. I know he likes me. But what I’m so worried about is why all of a sudden he’s backing off
    Not answering my calls I thought Cancers like honest people I didn’t want to lie about how I feel about him.
    Now I’m scared and regretting that I told him. I feel like I’m loosing him. I asked him if I’m giving him too much attention he said no he’s fine he’s just being busy. I wishe he would just tell me outright how he feels so I can move on if there’s no chance between me and him. But at one point he did sa that he loves me so casually. I don’t know what to dom. I asked him if I scared him away or did anything wrong he said no. He just don’t like talking on the phone. We used to talk before I emailed him but he won’t answer I’m supposed to see him this weekend and see what happens if he’s still interested. I hope a cancer can shed some light about what’s going on with me and my special friend

  21. rupal says:

    friends.. i m a piscein woman.. i jost lost my cancerian man two three days ago.. break up was from his side. he gave me the reason of his fam ily, that his family won’t allow a intercast marriage.. we have been in relation for around 2 and half years.. there were problems between us frm last few months.. he was not givin me time and attention.. what i required.. the time he said about break up.. i gently agreed with it.. but nw i want him back anyhow.. what can i do to make him luv me again.. and come back to me.. plzz help me, m really in need of advice, i don’t know what to do..??

  22. Cheeri says:

    My Cancer man dumped me after a year and a half relationship. I requested a break because we were getting picky w eachother and I sensed he didn’t care as much as he did before. He was surprised but then agreed and we both agreed that we did not want to break up and loved each other and would miss each other.

    Well 11 days w NC and he tells me he wants to be alone, doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t love me anymore. I was obviously devastated and cried and begged him for another chance but he said no and was rude and cold.

    I tried to be his friend but had to do all the contacting and each time we hung out I brought up how I missed him and loved him and didn’t understand how he could dump me and move on so fast without giving us a chance to work things out.

    Well…he grew colder and started ignoring my calls messages. it’s been 8 months now. We saw a movie together in Sept but then he went completely NC on me and even deleted me off his Skype contacts. I am so devastated.

    I don’t know how I can bear never speaking to him again.

    Is there ANY hope? I wrote him a email before I saw he deleted me from Skype that just told him to have a nice thanksgiving holidays and he did reply same to you. It was short and cold. That was 2 weeks ago.

    How can I get him back?

  23. Triggins says:

    Ugh my cancer man won\’t talk to me. I lied to him about something he always asked for the truth but once I told him it mad things worse its been about 2 and half months and he won\’t talk to me even thou he did sooooo much bad things to me and I forgave him why can\’t he forgive me? Usually when we fight he ends things and then I call cry and tell him I love him and he takes me back but this time he won\’t come back I\’ve done everything I told him how sorry I was and I\’ve been calling and texting him for about a month! I\’ve even saw him n the club n he still won\’t talk to me. And he\’s sooooo insecure jealous and controlling, he tries to act like he doesn\’t care about anything but then he\’ll bring something up. He can\’t seem to let the past go. I show him how much I love him I even tattooed his name 3x! Why won\’t he forgive me and I\’m a Virgo women by the way.. Will he ever come back I\’m scared to let go because he may fall for someone else….. I worked really hard to get him to love me and now it seems to be over:( I love him sooooooooo much never loved anybody this much.. What do I do? :( I know he really loved me or he wouldn’t b so mad he’s so moody

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